We Own a Four Bedroom Condo

When my friends looked at new condos, their main concerns were the amenities that they could enjoy. While that is important for me too, it is not the main focus of my search. I have three children, so I want them to live where they will be able to go to the best schools in the area. I also want cultural things located close by because we do a lot of learning outside of the classroom too. When I first looked at Treasure at Tampines, I looked at the schools in that district first.

I was pleased when I did an in-depth search on the schools, knowing that my children would get a quality education there. I also like that there are so many attractions they will enjoy that are close by the development. There are parks with trails, reserves, bike trails, sports venues, museums, theaters and so much more. Continue reading “We Own a Four Bedroom Condo”

A Complicated Set of Java Problems

I decided to start my major as a computer science student, and the first class that I’ve been taking is one focused on Java. It started out pretty easy, with us doing simple stuff like printing short statements and making programs that display numbers. Now things are a bit more difficult, and I’ve had to get Java assignment help from a website, because even though I’ve been asking the teacher for help, I’ve still been confused. I really hate it when I can’t understand something, and then when I try to write a program, I only get a bunch of error messages from the compiler.

For a recent assignment that our teacher made, we had to write a program that would create a window and have a circle moving around in it. This sounded simple enough at first, as I had seen an example in my text book about how to make a window. All I needed to do was figure out how make the circle that moved around. I tried some code, but it didn’t compile. Continue reading “A Complicated Set of Java Problems”